You see, starting a new diet can be confusing at first . . . 

Trying to figure out all day what are you supposed to eat can be time-consuming. 

More than that, figuring out which foods you need to get rid of and how to make your perfect meal plan can frustrate you.

But quitting is not an option. Not this time!

28 Day Keto Challenge Review

28 day keto challenge review

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In this 28-Day Keto Challenge review, you’re about to find out the hidden secrets of the keto diet. 

Sadly, understanding the keto lifestyle can be very hard at first …

Since the diet may seem super restrictive, and you may think you’ll need to stop eating all your favorite foods. 

But fortunately, it’s not like that. Especially if you have the right guidance on how to properly stick to a good keto diet plan.

You see, the keto diet is not just steak, bacon, ribs and cheese . . .

It’s muuuch more than that!

And honestly, no one would last on it very long, if keto diet was that restrictive. 

I don’t know your food tastes . . .

But I sure like lots of diversity in my diet. And the keto diet has many different foods from which you can choose.

So, why should you stick to the 28-Day Keto Challenge?

Well, from now on, you could start spending many hours, days, and weeks searching for the best keto diet plan. You’ll find on the internet many PDFs and videos about this diet, but most of them with poor information.

But instead of losing all this time, searching for non-sense, you can take advantage of one single resource which has everything in it for you!

And that is the 28-Day Keto Challenge created by Keto Resource.

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What is the 28-Day Keto Challenge?

Firstly, you need to know that if I had this program from the first day I started keto, things would have been much easier for me.

But you don’t have to struggle to find the keto diet secrets as I did. Your keto journey could start better.

Thankfully, the 28-Day Keto Challenge helps you get through your first month of keto and can create you a lifetime habit.

So, you’re probably already curious about what does this keto diet plan comes with, right?

Well, it comes with 7 guide books to educate you on how a good keto diet plan should look like.

You see, the recipes in these books are so well laid out, and super easy to understand, that even a 4-year old can follow themMore than that, besides recipes, the books provide you with a nutritional plan too. And tips and tricks to make your life easier!

You can pick, without much trouble, one recipe for each meal of the day.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you name it!

Besides that, it also shows you everything about ketosis.

Do you know what ketosis is?

Well, if not, these books explain to you in detail everything about this term.

Thankfully, the 28-Day Keto Challenge not only shows you what ketosis is but will help you achieve this state as fast as possible too.

But there’s a flip side . . .

Sometimes, when you start the keto diet, you might show symptoms of Keto Flu.

How does the Keto Flu manifest?

Well, Keto Flu is a set of symptoms that you might experience when you first start a keto diet plan. Most of the symptoms are similar to flu, with some small changes.

But there’s no need to explain more since you’ll find everything about Keto Flu in the books.

Need to see more positive reviews about this program, so you convince yourself of getting it?

Thankfully, if you start reading all 28-Day Keto Challenge reviews over the internet, you’ll realize everyone has a good opinion about it.

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28 Day Keto Challenge Review – Package and Resources

28 day keto challenge review

The program consists of 7 guide books.

Below, I’ll explain to you the content of each one of them.

Book No.1: Keto Diet – The Basics

In this particular book, you’ll find the introduction and basics of the keto dietMore than that, you find information about keto diet goals, tips for success, food to enjoy, foods to avoid, and information about the Keto Food Pyramid.

Book No.2: Eating on Keto Meal Plan and Tips for Curbing Cravings 

This book shows you how to customize the meal plan accordingly for you and your caloric requirements. Since you know, keto is a high-fat diet and this volume explains to you how to add more healthy fats to your meals.

You see, the best part of this book is the information on cravings. 

Both you and I know how hard it is to deal with them . . .

But in this book, you’ll discover what your body needs, and what foods satisfy the root cause of cravings.

At the end of the volume, you’ll get 10 breakfast, 14 lunch, and 14 dinner recipes. All of them forming the best keto diet plan PDF you can find on the internet.

Book No.3: Ketosis: Tips for Staying in Ketosis

All hidden secrets about ketosis . . . 

You’ll find in this particular book. 

More precisely, you’ll discover what it means to be in ketosis, how to achieve this state in just three days, what are the symptoms showing that you are in ketosis, and much more.

In other words, you’ll be a ketosis expert after reading the book!

Book No.4: Macronutrients: All about Macros

You see, counting macros may seem intimidating at first . . .

At least it was for me.

But I promise you it’s not as hard as it seems.

In this book, you’ll discover precisely what a macronutrient is and what percentage of protein, carbs, and fats you should aim for. More than that, you’ll learn to count and track your macros, the difference between net carbs and total carbs, and how to spot the hidden carbs.

Keto Flu: How to Beat Keto Flu in a Healthy Way

Trust me, not knowing how to cope with Keto Flu and how to beat it can be difficult.

But luckily, this book shows you what the Keto Flu is and helps you find the fastest way to get past it if you experience signs of it.

But who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones that won’t catch it.

Book No.6: Intermittent Fasting – Tips for Success

Before reading this book, I only knew one way to Intermittent Fast.

But thankfully, you have more options . . .

If you’re unfamiliar with intermittent fasting, this volume shows you what it is. Plus, it will teach you why should you intermittent fast and what are the different sorts of intermittent fasting. 

Tips and tricks included!

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Book No.7: Keto and Friends: Dealing with Social Pressures

Firstly, not all your friends will understand the new lifestyle habit that you’ve chosen.

But that’s okay . . .

You know how it is: First they watch, then they hate, then they copy.

This book will show you how to cope with social pressures from family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers.

More than that, you’ll get hints on how to order when you go to a restaurant. And even some advice for you on how to enjoy adult beverages from time to time.

But there’s more than just these 7 books.

The 28-Day Keto Challenge comes with 3 BONUS PDFs!

Bonus No.1: Keto Desserts

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up sweets forever — if you choose to stick to a keto diet.

You see, there are some natural sugar alternatives for you to satisfy the sweet tasteThe list consists of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit — all three of them having little to no influence on your blood sugar.

That being said, the book will give you 36 easy-to-make keto dessert recipes to help you cope easier with your cravings.

Bonus No.2: Avocado Recipes

Looking through the keto diet plan, you’ll see that avocados are one of the best fat sources on the keto diet.

This particular book will show you tasty recipe ideas using avocados.

Book No.3: Keto Supplement Guide

You see, all diets work better if you decide to take some supplements too . . .

Thankfully, in this book, you’ll discover the best supplements to take on a keto diet. They are not a necessity for your success but may help your transition into the ketosis state. And make your diet more efficient.

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Pros and Cons of 28 Day Keto Challenge

Since this program is, in my opinion, the best online keto diet plan– it has lots of pros:

  • It’s easy to follow. Trust me . . . it’s the most simple keto challenge guide you can find on the internet. You’ll find in it everything you need to know about this diet explained step-by-step.
  • It’s very comprehensive. It’s fascinating how this keto challenge is so well-structured and how it helps you benefit from all the information.
  • It isn’t just a simple way of showing you how to lose fat. It’s more than that. It also helps you adapt to new lifetime eating habits.
  • It consists of lots of meals and recipes you can use for a long time, even after you achieve your desired results after the first 28 days.
  •  The 28-Day Keto Challenge gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

Still, the program has a couple of cons too:

  • You’ll need to be patient with these books. You see, it takes time to understand and follow all the hints offered in this keto guide challenge.
  • The 28-Day Keto Challenge is only available in short copy form. 

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28 day keto challenge review

After spending hours and hours on the internet, I discovered that no other program gives you that much information on the Keto diet as this program does.

One reason I recommend it is because I saw visible results on myself after sticking to the keto meal plan approved in these books.

Since today, I don’t know what I like the most about this program . . .

Should it be the ease of making the Keto recipes found in it?

Or the health benefits that I felt after the 28 days?

Or maybe the overall valuable information about the Keto diet?

I can’t decide which one of these was the best thing about this program . . .

But I’m sure that these books about keto diet are the best you can find on the internet.

I hope you liked my 28-Day Keto Challenge review, which I would like to give 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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