Athletic Greens vs Organifi …

Or “the ultimate face-off between the giants of the green superfood powder industry.

You see, both companies are very influential, and you should consider them as a default option if you want to supplement with green juice powders.

But the real question is . . .

Which one should you choose?

Well, in this Athletic Greens vs. Organifi review, you’re about to find out which one of them suits your needs better.

So, let’s discuss some facts!

Athletic greens vs organifi

Athletic Greens Benefits: Tim Ferris’s And Joe Rogan’s Favorite Green Superfood

Both of them take this product daily.

Why do they do it?

Well, Joe Rogan calls Athletic Greensthe most complete green juice powder with the most health benefits” you can find on the internet.

He says this because this green superfood consists of lots of antioxidant-rich greens alongside mushrooms, probiotics, and many other healthy ingredients.

Tim Ferriss states it simply. . . 

And says that Athletic Greens should be your go-to supplement!

Organifi Green Juice Benefits

In the other corner, you have Organifi Green Juice . . .

Or a slightly younger product advertised on Facebook with a page with over two million “likes”.

What are the magic ingredients in Organifi that provide you with most of the benefits?

Five major ones . . .

Ashwagandha (Read our full review here), Chlorella, Turmeric, Matcha  Green Tea and Wheatgrass.

Even if Organifi Green Juice has fewer ingredients than Athletic Greens, this doesn’t mean you should choose to take the second one.

And you’re about to find out why . . .

Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi Nutrition Facts

Athletic Greens Nutrients

Let’s talk about nutrients.

You see, one serving of Athletic Greens has 40 calories, 4,8 grams of carbs, 1.9 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein.

And as for micronutrients, there’s a lot you need to know about.

Besides your daily worth of zinc, 35% of selenium, 20% of your daily chromium and manganese, you won’t get that many minerals from Athletic Greens.

But still, you take lots of vitamins from Athletic Greens. More precisely, 700% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, 100% of most B-Vitamins, your daily K2, 80% of your daily Vitamin A, and more than 300% of Vitamin E intake.


Organifi Green Juice Nutrients

One scoop of Organifi has 30 calories consisting of 2 grams of protein, 4 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fiber.

As for the micronutrient side . . .

The most impressive fact is that Organifi has 11% of your daily iron intake.

You see, iron is one of the ingredients that Athletic Greens doesn’t have. 

And besides this, you can find 1% of your sodium and 3% of your calcium in Organifi — but no vitamins.

So, if you want to supplement with vitamins and minerals, green juice superfoods aren’t your go-to supplements.

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Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi Ingredients

Let’s start with Athletic Greens . . .

Firstly, you can find 75 ingredients in Athletic Greens.

The main complex is the: Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense, Raw Superfood Complex.

What does this complex consist of?

Well, you can benefit from the properties of spirulina, wheatgrass juice, chlorella, and barley leaf.

And more than that . . .

Athletic Greens also has fruits (such as goji and blueberry) and vegetables (such as spinach and beet root).

This green superfood also has antioxidants like tea leaf extract and cocoa bean polyphenol extract.

The second food complex is the: Nutrient-Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs, and Antioxidants.

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So you know, this complex emphasizes more on adaptogenic herbs such as rhodiola rosea, ginseng, milk thistle seed, and ashwagandha.

The third complex is the: Digestive Enzyme and Super Mushroom Complex. It consists of root extract, bromelain, burdock root powder, reishi mushroom powder, and shiitake mushroom powder.

But let’s move on now and discuss Organifi . . .

Even if there’s less to read on Organifi’s label, it doesn’t mean that Athletic Greens is better than it.

You see, Organifi splits its ingredients into blends as well . . .

So, the first one is the Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend. It consists of wheatgrass, moringa oleifera, spirulina, chlorella, and matcha green tea.

The second complex is the Super Food Proprietary Blend. It consists of coconut water powder, ashwagandha root extract, red beet root, and turmeric.

Besides these green superfoods, Organifi also has prebiotic fiber such as lemon, orange, mint flavor, and monk fruit.

Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi: Which One Has More Benefits?


Athletic Greens Green Juice Benefits

At first glance, you might think that Athletic Greens is more effective — since it has 75 ingredients.

But that’s not actually true . . . 

Let’s take it step-by-step.

Firstly, let’s talk about adaptogens.

What are adaptogens?

Well, they are plants or compounds designed to help your body react to stress — emotional or physical type of it.

Usually, some of Athletic Greens’ benefits are improving your workout performances, boosting your immunity, and helping you with cognition.

Athletic Greens has more adaptogens than Organifi

Yes, the truth has been spoken.

You cand find more adaptogens such as rhodiola, ginseng, ashwagandha, astragalus, reishi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and much more in Athletic Greens.

More than that, Athletic Greens has way more vitamins and minerals.

You see, it has lots of antioxidant-rich ingredients — which can help you with cellular degradation. 

Some articles say that Athletic Greens has antioxidants of 12 servings of vegetables . . .

Another great benefit over Organifi?

Athletic Greens has almost 7 billion probiotic bacteria.

So you know, probiotics are linked to help you with everything from better digestion to better immunity and mental health. 


Organifi Green Juice Benefits

So, even if Organifi doesn’t have any vitamins or minerals on the label — it still is one excellent green superfood.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the antioxidants.

You see, five grams of green superfoods sounds very good for you . . .

Wheatgrass delivers you more micronutrients than many other vegetables you can eat — which is why Organifi deserves a hit!

More than that, Organifi’s label says it clearly: “Coconut and Ashwagandha-Infused Product“.

Organfi Green Juice Is One Of The Best Ashwagandha Whole Foods Supplement

If Organifi had your curiosity . . .

Now it should have your attention!

Why is that?

Well, ashwagandha is an excellent ingredient, especially if you’re a man. 

This Indian herb helps you with better cognition and lowers stress.

Comparing Organifi with Athletic Greens, the second one has less ashwagandha in it, making it a lower-value product.

So, bonus points for Organifi by containing more antioxidants and ashwagandha, making it one of the best ashwagandha whole foods on the internet.

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Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi Price

green juice benefits

Athletic Greens Package & Pricing

So you know, Athletic Greens comes in a sack of 30 servings that costs you from 90$ to 100$ — which makes it 3.25$ per scoop.

But . . .

If you decide to sign up for monthly subscription — the price drops to 2.50$ per scoop.

Organifi Green Juice Package & Pricing

Well, better news with Organifi . . .

One sack of Organifi Green Juice consists of 30 scoops and costs you from 60$ to 80$ — which makes it 2.25$ per scoop. (A whole dollar less than Athletic Greens).

If you decide to sign up for a monthly subscription — the price drops to 1.50$ per scoop!

So, the numbers state clearly that . . .

Organifi is the cheaper green superfood blend!

Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi: Which One Has Better Taste?

Athletic Greens Taste

So you know, Athletic Greens is the tastiest green superfood you can find on the internet.

To be honest, both products avoid the soily, earthy taste that most green juice powders have — but Athletic Greens has a fascinating flavor profile!

You can feel the taste of vanilla, pineapple, and papaya — and a little bit of ginger and carrot.

Since most green juice powders are hard to chug, Athletic Greens is the exception of the rule — making it the first green superfood you want to sip everyday!


Organifi Green Juice Taste

Since Organifi has a base of wheatgrass — it has very few flavorings added to it.

When you take Organifi, you can feel the taste of organic mint, lemon, orange, and monk fruit. So you know, the main flavors come from the mint and the matcha green tea.

My recommendation . . .

Take Organifi very cold or kind of hot, since if you take it at room temperature — the taste is “meh”.

Athletic Greens Vs. Organifi Review Conclusion: Which Green Superfood Is Better?

Well, Organifi is a better source of adaptogens for you, especially ashwagandha — while Athletic Greens provides you with most vitamns and antioxidants you need.

So, based on your goals, both Organifi and Athletic Greens could be an option — but I personally like Organifi Green Juice more.

Buy Organifi now!
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