Who wants to look good in bikinis?

“I do, I do!”

Every girl or woman wants to look good in bikinis and have a dream beach body, right?

But the question is …

How do you achieve this goal?

Firstly, you need to know that having a bikini body takes work and consistency. And by work, I mean both smart and hard type of it.

So, if you’re looking for ways on how to get a bikini body fast and how to get a beach body, then this is your go-to article.

Let’s dive in and discuss seven ways that can help you achieve your ideal summer body.

1. Practice strength training

bikini body workout

The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn.

Clear and simple.

Does lifting weights makes you worry that you’ll get “too bulky” or look “too manly”?

Well, I’ve got some great news for you.

It won’t happen.

And it won’t happen because there are many other factors involved to reach that “manly”, “bulky” type of body that you think.

You see, women have less testosterone than men. And that’s why you won’t gain muscle that easy and in the same manner as they do.

So, if you want to get a well-toned beach body, strength training should be a strong option to consider.

2. Muscles Require More Energy

If you have lots of muscle, your body needs more energy than you would normally need if you’d had lots of fat.

As I told you above, by using strength training to build muscle, your body turns into a fat-burning machine. And that’s why adding more muscle helps your metabolism run faster, increasing the fat-burning processes and leading to an increase in calorie consumption.

What does that mean?

It means you can eat more of your favorite food while you build muscle too. (Yey!)

Even if cardiovascular exercise is very important, strength training is vital if you want to lose weight (and achieve a bikini body).

Thankfully, if you focus on muscle-building exercises, you’ll get in shape faster than if you’d only focus on cardio alone. 

Being a “cardio bunny” can be nice and fun …

But it doesn’t bring you the same results as if you focus on strength training too.

So, next time you hit the gym, make sure you try the weight machines too and don’t stick to only running on the treadmill.

More than that, try to eat more protein so your body can recover properly after you exhaust them in the gym.

3. Work Out In The Morning

How To get a bikini body fast

How to get a bikini body fast?

Work out in the morning.

Why do so?

Because working out in the morning is the best way to boost your metabolism quickly.

You see, when you go for an intense session in the gym right from the first time of the day, your metabolism starts burning more calories until you go to bed at night.

In this way, you lose weight at faster paces, and your body deals more effectively with the calories that you eat throughout the day.

Working out in the morning seems impossible for you?

No problem …

Just pick another time of the day to stick to your workout routine. But you should always prioritize working out in the morning (if it’s possible). And that’s because a great morning workout boosts your metabolism big time, helping you achieve your beach body faster.

4. Train Your Body Evenly

The easiest trap to fall in is to work your problem areas only …

And that’s why you should recognize it and avoid it. You must train all your muscles equally; otherwise, you’ll have poor body proportions and look inaesthetic.

So, don’t just focus on your abs or upper arms, because you can easily have posture problems if you do so.

To keep your body balanced, you always have to train all your muscle groups equally. 

Yes, you’ll have to put some stress on your legs, back, chest and shoulders to achieve your bikini body. It can be hard at first, but I can guarantee you it’s going to worth it.

What muscle group should you focus on the most?


Why legs?

Because this is the muscle group that’s on full display when you wear a bathing suit. And you want to emphasize it the most.

Ideally, your bikini body workout routine should have exercises that focus on particular parts of your body each day. If you alternate between different muscle groups, you ensure to train all your muscles evenly, helping you achieve that dream body that you aspire to have.

5. Do Cardio Exercises

how to get a beach body

Strength training is the most useful if you want to build muscle …

But adding some cardio exercises here and there can help you with weight loss. And that’s why the ideal bikini body workout routine should have both types of these exercises.

You see, cardio exercises make your heart and lungs work better, leading to better overall health and lifestyle.

What cardio exercises should you choose doing?

Running, cycling, swimming, and even walking can really get your heart pumping, helping you become a healthier woman.

More than that, these exercises usually help you burn more calories, significantly improving your chances of achieving your desired bikini body.

If the traditional cardio exercises bore you …

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

What should you try instead?

You can go to a Zumba class, practice Yoga, or even try kickboxing.

If you decide to give a shot to Yoga practice, I highly recommend the Yoga Burn Challenge by Zoe Bray-Cotton.

This program helped me lose 20 pounds in six weeks. And the good part is that Yoga Burn Challenge is good for you even if you’re a beginner with Yoga practices or you want to discover advanced Yoga techniques.

But let’s go further and discuss point #6 on how to get a bikini body fast.

6. Don’t Just Focus On Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are good, don’t get me wrong …

But you shouldn’t focus just on them to lose belly fat.

Even if sit-ups can make your stomach muscles stronger, you’ll most likely have a layer of fat that covers them. Exercise isn’t the hard part, diet is.

But if you want to lose fat around your waist, you should do a bunch of exercises that focus on your entire core while you follow a proper diet too.

An excellent program that helped me lose belly fat efficiently is the 21-Day Flat Belly Fix (read here my full review).

You see, exercises like plank or leg raises can help you tone the abdominal area. But having a high body-fat percentage will cover your abs, and you won’t have anything to show.

Keeping your body fat low is the best way to showcase all of the hard work you’ve been doing on your abs.

7. Give Your Legs A Great Workout

What rings in your head when you hear about bikini season?

6-pack abs probably.. And a nice booty.

But abs and booty are just two “little parts” of the whole package.

You see, exercising quads and hams and toning your legs ensures your body the best look when it comes to putting on your bikini.

Leg muscles are some of the largest muscles in your body. And that means they’ll give your metabolism a big boost when you start building them.

Thankfully, toned leg muscles can help them look longer. Even more, toned legs give your body a slimmer and sleeker look.

What exercises should you do to develop those bikini body legs?


The squat is the most effective exercise you should add to your beach body workout.

Why so?

Because it’s great for building muscles in the lower body and helps you develop a sweet and sexy lower back too.

But if you don’t like doing squats, riding a bike or taking a walk could be some good options too.

If you’re looking for an excellent program on how to get a bikini body fast, I highly recommend Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferrugia.

This program has easy-to-follow at-home exercises that make your fitness journey easier and more enjoyable. 

In other words, Bikini Body Workouts is your how-to-manual and step-by-step guide to ensure that you get your desired bikini body (if you do the work, of course!).

Read here my full review of this product and decide whether this program is for you or not.