The struggle is real … 

I know.

Fighting carb cravings on Keto can be hard.

But if you wonder why you’re craving carbs on Keto and want to discover how to stop carb cravings, then this is your must-read article.

After you find out what they are, you’ll never feel hostage to Keto cravings again. I promise!

What Are Keto Carb Cravings?

You see, a carb craving is usually an excessive desire for foods in the carb family.

Most times, you may have cravings on the following: pizza, nachos, ice cream, pasta, chips, and beer. But the list continues …

Typically, you have carb cravings at the beginning of your Keto transition

So you know, pre-Keto, your body operates on sugar and processed carbs for energy. 

If you eat a high-carbsugary meal — you’ll also have a rise in your blood sugar levels. And your pancreas sends out insulin to deal with the glucose in your bloodstream.

Sadly, constantly high blood sugar and insulin levels put you on the path to metabolic syndrome. And can increase the risk of you developing:

  • Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity issues.
  • Heart disease.
  • Obesity and weight gain.
  • Type 2 Diabetes.
  • PCOS (if you’re a woman).
  • Certain types of cancer.

When you finally stop the sugar train and start a low-carb diet like Keto, your body goes berserk instead of thanking you. That’s when keto carb cravings begin, and you start to have sugar cravings on Keto.

How Do Keto Carb Cravings Feel Like?

You see, your body loves working on glucose. 

It’s fast-acting, and you can store it for later in case you get lost in the desert without food.

But the thing is …

Sugar is a terrible energy source.

When you start to reduce your glucose intake, your body starts going crazy.

You’ll experience the following side effects of low blood sugar levels:

  • Fatigue and excessive tiredness.
  • Extreme hunger and thirst.
  • Irritability, anxiety, and mood swings.
  • A hollow, churning, nauseous feeling in your stomach.

You see, your body associates carby foods with energy, fullness, and happiness. And will start craving sugar as a quick fix for all the above negative symptoms.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel …

Thankfully, once you get into ketosisKeto carb cravings disappear, and your taste buds will change for the better.

Your body starts and prefers using ketones as its primary source of energy. And it performs better.

But that’s only after you reach ketosis.

Sadly, if you’re not quite there yet, you’ll still fight the Keto cravings.

Besides sugar withdrawal, more issues can make you start craving sugar and stand in your way to be at peace.

Why You Get Sugar Cravings On Keto And How To Stop Them

Ashwagandha Boost

So you know, most sugar cravings and carb cravings on Keto are because of sugar withdrawal. 

But they can also strike if you make one of the following mistakes your way to ketosis.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #1: You’re limiting carbs too slowly

There are two ways to start the Keto diet:

  1. Go cold turkey on carbs and start day one with your goal carb macro set. Usually, you should reach ketosis by limiting your daily net carbs to 25g.
  2. Gradually cut carbs until you reach your desired goal. Follow your regular carb intake pre-Keto and then cut 50 g carbs daily until you reach your goal. (i.e., 25g per day).

Most people go cold turkey since it’s the fastest way to reach ketosis. But you can pick any of the above two methods.

So you know, you shock your body more (especially if you’re a woman) when you cut carbs drastically. And it may even cause you weight gain.

If you’re a woman, the best way to start the Keto Diet is to reduce the carb intake gradually. But the downside is the Keto carb cravings can take longer to shake off.

Even if you’re still eating carbs (in decreased amounts), your body always craves more. And that’s why stopping carbs completely may be better in this case.

You see, when you cut carbs for good, you’ll experience carb cravings for a week or month until you enter into ketosis. 

If you can go cold turkey without any ill side effects, it’s your best bet to fast-track carb cravings and cross the ketosis line.

But if you have to cut carbs slowly, that’s okay too.

You see, adjusting to your daily net carbs is the hardest thing you’ll have to jump over on your Keto journey. But once you find your right number, it will be an easy route for you.

You have to enjoy the process since you’ll adjust your macros constantly. And if you’re not doing it right, your sugar cravings on Keto can retake the place.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #2: Your Macros May Need Tweaking

If you get your macros right on your first try, then you’re sure lucky!

When you stick to a low-carb diet, carb cravings are the body’s way of telling you that you’re hungry for more protein or more healthy fats.

Thankfully, protein and fats are the satiating macros that keep you away from Keto carb cravings (and sugars).

You should always recalculate your macros using the Perfect Keto Macro Calculator and experiment from there. You won’t see the weight loss, or get the body results that you want if you load up on the wrong macro.

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Generally, if you feel hungry and sluggish, eating more protein can help you get out of these states. But if you’re just a bit more peckisheating fats should be your go-to option.

Remember, always track everything you eat so you can know how your body responds to protein or fat. And always track your fiber intake too — since you need more of it if you stick to the Keto diet.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #3: You Forgot About Fiber

Even if they’re not nutritionally satisfying, carby foods like rice, pasta, and oatmeal fill you up perfectly. And fiber does the same, being better for your health too.

Fiber is a carb your body can’t digest.

The more fiber your diet has, the more you’ll feel less hungry and crave fewer carbs. And that’s because it takes your body more time to pass fiber through your system.

More than that, fiber improves your digestion, so you don’t face troubles like constipation on Keto.

That’s why you should always aim for at least 30-40g of fiber every day. The best fiber sources you can include on the Keto Diet are:

  • Veggies (asparagus, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, radishes, zucchini, artichoke, spinach, and swiss chard)
  • Fruit (avocado, blackberries, and raspberries)
  • Nuts (almond, pine, pistachio, hazelnut, and pecan)
  • Seeds (chia, flax, and pumpkin)

Another thing to consider is your water intake. You should always drink plenty of water in addition to fiber, especially if you want to lose weight.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #4: You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Sugar cravings on Keto can sometimes be your body’s way of saying you’re thirsty …

Yes, the signs of dehydration are similar to hunger. And you might not spot the differences if you don’t know your body well. The symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing

You see, your body dehydrates quickly. Just a 1-2% drop in your normal fluid levels is more than enough to feel the effects. And if you chow down when you should be hydrating, your waistline shows it.

Studies show that if you weight more — you need to drink more water. But sometimes you confuse being thirsty with hunger and you actually start eating. When you shouldn’t.

Remember, to reduce Keto carb cravings — you should always drink more water. But always make sure to keep the electrolytes at normal levels. Follow this guide on electrolytes and dehydration for more help.

A wrong headspace can be another time when you can mistake carb cravings for real hunger.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #5: You’re Stressed, Bored Or Prone To Emotional Eating

If you usually eat a box of ice-cream after a breakup or wolf down a whole pizza when you’re stressed — then the first few weeks of Keto may be a challenge for you.

You see, some sugar cravings on Keto can be a response to your emotional state and stress. Sweet cravings happen when you’re either happy or want to be happier. And when you’re angry or frustrated, you may usually eat crunchy or spicy foods of the same emotional intensity.

Even more, studies show that if you eat highly-processed foods and refined carbs — you might have a higher risk of depression. You may use carbs as a form of self-medicating when you go through hard times since they trigger chemicals that make you feel rewarded.

So, if you started Keto for a month or a year, carb cravings may indicate a deeper need to satisfy an emotion you may not be aware of.

Sadly, every time you use carbs to fulfill your boredom or provide temporary joy — you only strengthen the cycle of needing them to be happy or fulfilled.

That’s why you always have to learn the difference between real hunger and emotional one.

How do you make the difference?

Well, when you’re actually hungry, your signs start gradually and go away with healthier foods like protein or fat.

Emotional eating comes quick and strong, making you eat “comfort foods” like unhealthy snacks or sugary foods.

Thankfully, Keto carb cravings go away in less than an hour …

And that’s why you should focus your attention on a more positive action until they subside. You can:

  • Brush your teeth — which suppresses your need for eating carbs or anything else.
  • Go for a walk — which increases dopamine and boosts your mood and energy levels.
  • Meditate, practice Yoga, or grounding in nature — which helps you lower stress and unpack your thoughts and feelings.
  • Plan your Keto menu — which ensures you a good quality time to pack your meals, snacks, and desserts for the next week.

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You see, meal planning is key to losing weight and winning Keto.

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #6: You’re Still Cheating Or Doing “Lazy” Keto

Sadly, without tracking what you eat, you can always overconsume carbs and stall fat adaptation.

If you still have cheat days to satisfy your Keto carb cravings, you’ll never escape from them. And that’s why experts suggest that you shouldn’t have cheat days on Keto. One day of cheating can kick you out of ketosis and bring you back to square one.

Every cheat day has its consequences …

And you don’t want to go through the Keto-Flu symptoms again and fight off carb cravings to reach ketosis again. You already know that this is not a fun process.

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Remember, always get to the root of your cheating and discover why you ruin everything when you cheat on Keto. There’s no point in getting out of ketosis just to satisfy your sweet needs in the future. 

You can always replace carby cheat meals with Keto-friendly alternatives such as:

  • No- or low sugar beef jerky
  • Cheese
  • Seeds, nuts, and nut butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Pickles 
  • Pepperoni
  • Coconut oil

Keto Carb Cravings Mistake #7: Hidden Carbs May Be Sabotaging Your Work

You see, carbs are everywhere …

Even in Keto-friendly foods.

If you’re not tracking your macros on apps like MyFitnessPal — you’ll never know how many hidden carbs you eat. And it can blow your macros for that day.

You should always stick to whole natural foods and avoid suspect ingredients, preservatives, and questionable additives. And that’s because whole foods provide you the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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So, if you’re doing “lazy” Keto, your carb cravings could be on missing out the important nutrients.

Keto Challenge

Looking forward to hear from you after you complete the challange!

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